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Group work is uniquely suited to nice guy recovery. Not uncommonly, self-knowledge is sparked first by recognizing in ourselves what another man is experiencing. Groups can provide a potent mix of challenge, support, honest feedback, practical tips and accountability. These groups will delve into core nice guy recovery topics, such as covert contracts, passive-aggression, nursery relationships, assertiveness, boundaries, fear of success, rumination and reluctance to lead. Emphasis will be put on turning intention into action.

Series 1 (Tuesday Evenings 7:30 PM)

*first series cancelled due to insufficient committment

Series 2 (Thursday Evenings 7:30 PM)

Series 3 (Tuesday Evenings 7:30 PM)


Series 4 (Thursday Evenings 7:30 PM)

Series 5 (Tuesday Evenings 7:30 PM)

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