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Can the Concept of Asperger's Be Helpful For Adults that Struggle Socially?

Yes, for some. The concept of Asperger's Syndrome has recently become very popular, because it helps organize the experience of many people who are trying to understand a pattern of interactional difficulty. Remember that "syndrome", as a medical term, is reserved for groupings of signs, where the real relationship of each to the others is not understood. As a label for a person, it is naturally repugnant. As a body of understanding of a certain type of interactional difficulty, it can be very useful in reducing suffering.

The defining traits of Asperger's Syndrome are usually what people want most urgently to read about. The following site has an incredibly detailed quiz which I believe most readers will find informative in the aspect of sheer recognition of the traits. Asperger's Quiz

I have provided such a list, but placed it 1) in the context of the mind-body therapy I practice, and 2) emphasized socially conflictual elements. Because of the length (30 pages), I have placed it in pdf format in the link below.