Waiting For Good Feelings to Start

Success in any sphere of life is empty without satisfaction. Satisfaction is a feeling of relaxation, peace, and wholeness in the body and mind. Satisfaction requires some cooperation from external circumstances, but for our culture, overwhelmingly the limiting factor is internal holding. It is in fact, satisfaction that leads to security. While generally the belief is that "if you make it you will feel good", in my experience, it is actually, "if you feel good, you will make it."

Neither accurate thinking nor strong effort can ensure satisfaction. In fact, an over-emphasis on will and analysis can increase the alienation from emotion and pleasure. Hedonism, the direct pursuit of pleasure, doesn't work either. Pleasure and satisfaction must be the by-product, not the goal of living. But achievement and goals are often pursued in a self-negating way that eliminates true satisfaction.

Only honest, direct self-expression and living from a sense of conviction can restore to our lives the natural flow of excitement followed by satisfaction. This website contains many ideas about satisfying living, but a full passionate life cannot be had by following a prescription. Rather, it is lived out with the collaboration of heart, mind, and belly. Uniting those three things is, perhaps, the best role for therapy